Oct 09

Client Journey: Finding Your Passion in Retirement

Atlas clients Dale and Robin are childhood friends turned high school sweethearts.  Married right after college graduation, they moved to Dallas from Michigan after a snowy winter with a car full of belongings, Robin 8 months pregnant and $500....

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Jul 24

Client Journey: Finding Your Path Again

Earlier this year, in celebration of her 70th birthday and her Granddaughter Marissa's 13th, Atlas Wealth Advisors client Andrea Gray journeyed to New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Her adventures haven't stopped there. Recently we talked...

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May 05

Client Profile: Expanding Your Borders

Atlas clients Randall & Deb spent their working lives focused on securing their business, family and future. When retirement arrived they already knew that they would want guides to help them navigate the right path, they just didn’t know how far...

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Jan 17

Client Profile: When Your Plans Change

Atlas Clients TV and Lou Ann began their retirement together when an unexpected life event changed their plans. This is the story about changed plans and living your life with others in mind.

Tell us a little bit about your story.

I was born and...

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Oct 31

Client Profile: Where Would You Go if You Weren’t Limited by Time?

Atlas Clients Rich & Nance embarked on a new adventure when they decided to retire and hit the open road. This is the story of how they got there and what it’s like to set out on a journey without the worry of getting back to work.

How did your...

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