Apr 18

The Road Beyond – This is Not the End

For women in transition, the obstacles are numerous. The time it can take to become fully comfortable with a drastically changed life is unknowable. Each situation will present its own challenges.

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Apr 11

The Road Beyond – Immediate Financial Concerns for the Widowed

The death of a spouse leaves a hollow spot in a home, a partnership, and the world of another person. It is a situation that none envy, but many women will endure. The plan you put in place to manage all of the dealings that must take place in...

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Apr 04

The Road Beyond – Making a Plan for After Divorce

Divorce is one of those life events which most people don’t plan in advance. But when it comes, adapting quickly to the new and changing life situation is critical to coming through it with your future secure and sanity intact. Making a plan...

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Mar 27

The Road Beyond – Mapping Priorities

With so many decisions to make, a multitude of deadlines to meet, and seemingly insurmountable stacks of papers to review, finding what is actually important to you and your future is crucial. Deciphering the noise to understand where your...

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Mar 21

The Road Beyond - Taking Time Out After Loss

Whenever we walk through uncertain times, taking care of the essentials can be incredibly hard. If you’ve already gone through What to Do When Grief is Fresh and Addressing Cash Flow, you are moving through this process with a lot of information...

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Jan 04

The Road Beyond: Addressing Cash Flow

It might seem like the furthest thing from importance or it could feel like a crushing weight. For women enduring divorce or the death of a spouse, money concerns can come with a sharp edge, whether seen or unseen, real or imagined. With a good...

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Dec 28

The Road Beyond: What to Do First When Grief is Fresh

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Laozi

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Nov 15

The Road Beyond

Changes, even those that are positive, can bring with them a certain level of chaos. And if those changes happen to be difficult or unwanted, the chaos is only intensified by the emotions that come along with them.

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