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Sep 20

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: Why Financial Market Prices Change & Why You Should Care

If you’ve ever been to Seattle, you probably visited Pike’s Place Market. Maybe you even participated in throwing some fish around. You may have noticed that the prices for the fish are hand written. That’s not just because it’s always been done...

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Sep 02

Protecting Your Portfolio During a Presidential Election

Throughout our journey, there are so many factors over which we have very little control. Every presidential election makes us check our maps and plans as we want to protect our portfolios for the future. This year’s election has the world’s...

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Aug 30

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights – Using Group Intelligence for Buying Low and Selling High

Welcome to the next installment in our series series Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: Using Group Intelligence for Buying Low and Selling High.

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Aug 23

Finding your Financial Focus

Nobody has to be convinced that distracted driving is a bad idea. In 2014, 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers1. Most of the time, we think about people being distracted by phones or something they’re...

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Aug 10

Introducing: Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights to Becoming a Better Investor


Welcome to Your Wealth Journey’s Investment Insights Series!

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Jul 26

Three Elements You Need for a Successful Journey - Element 3

If you’ve ever set off into the wilderness, you know how freeing it can be to have someone there to lead you. A map and a plan are helpful, but nothing beats walking a path with someone who is familiar with the terrain.

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Jun 25

Brexit Fears - What Should You Do?

Yesterday morning, the US awoke to find the rest of the world walking down a very bumpy road. The Brexit conversation is everywhere. On talk radio, all over the major news networks and even your friends and family’s posts on social media feature...

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