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Your wealth journey has been and will be as distinctive as you are. At Atlas Wealth, we’ll get to know you so we can chart a specific course together. 


Discover Your Wealth Perspective

The Wealth Perspective Report is provided for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute an offer to buy or sell a security or any other instrument. The information contained herein is not intended to replace or revise any personal information conveyed to any financial professional. As a result of receiving this report, if you should have any questions regarding your current financial situation, please contact your financial professional.


You answer 12 questions about yourself and we’ll provide you a report that includes:

  • an overview of your Wealth Perspective including pros and cons
  • five specific traits to help you better understand your decision making
  • information about how you communicate with those around you



The Explorer

Explorers are in tune with the world around them. Fun-loving, even charming, while typically down-to-earth, they pay attention to beauty and are enthusiastic about ‘taking it all in.’ Friendly and likable, these are the people who can make a party come to life or who notice the needs of those around them while seeking to fulfill them in tangible ways. Imaginative and passionate, they are often the most creative and artistic members of our world.

The Steward

Stewards are loyal, conscientious people whose lives are built on the firm foundation of their personal values. They work hard to create stability and longevity in their relationships with others. Devoted and persistent, they develop deep connections with their family and friends. These are the doers who are practical, keep us all grounded and engage in our communities to maintain harmony and order.

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are natural born leaders who are drawn to analyze situations for best possible outcomes. They enjoy gaining power and influence through their decisiveness. Gaining insight through their curiosity fuels their ambition in the midst of complex problem solving. An overwhelming drive to achieve their goals pushes them to create new solutions with efficiency and intense productivity. Their energy is contagious as they lead with charisma and authority

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