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Some financial topics can be complex, but they don't have to be.  I have created videos around these topics to deliver clarity around what I think you should know.


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I want to help you make the most out of your important resources; your money, your energy, and your time. Watch these videos I made just for you.


Welcome I started the Personal CFO 


Interview with Kyle Walters, The Personal CFO


Bear Markets - Why Now Is The Time To Talk About Them


Are dividends or interest better for your retirement income


Dividends Or Interest For Income? One Chart All Investors Need To See


Dividends Or Interest For Income - Don't Forget The Bonus


Understanding Rate Of Return - Introduction


Bonds - What Rate Of Return Should I Use


Stocks - What Rate Of Return Should I Use?


Adjustments - Expected Rate Of Return


Understanding The Proposed Step-Up Tax Change


The Largest Social Security Increase In 40 Years


How Do Markets Perform After A Great Start To The Year?


Successful Investors Need To Understand This Chart


Different Investments Mean Different Cash Flows


Inflation and your portfolio - uncovering the hidden risk


There Are Only Three Plans In Retirement: Introduction


Growing Your Capital - One Of Three Types Of Retirement Plans


Spending Your Capital - One of Three Types of Retirement Plans


Preserving Your Capital - One Of Three Types Of Retirement Plans


3 Tricks The Media Uses In News Headlines


Mark Cuban's Million Dollar Bet


Everything You Need To Know About Volatility, In Two Words


The Stock Market Is Like Vegas, Just Not The Way You Think


8000% Returns - How To Think About Cryptocurrency "Investing"


The Media Predicts 8000 For The SP500. Here's Why It Matters.


S&P Hits 4000! Now What??


A Hidden Investment Risk In Retirement: Sequence Of Returns


Losing Money In The Market - One Way and Two Reasons


How Do Rising Interest Rates Impact Your Portfolio?


Pennies and Steamrollers

SPACs - what are they, and should you invest in them?

How do you invest when the expected market return is 0%?


Let's Talk About Bitcoin


Can A Playground Toy Help Us Understand Risk?


How does the price you pay impact your future returns?


The CFO Signal - Do this one thing to improve your investment experience


The CFO Signal - What would you do with $600 Billion?


Dow 30,000! Now What??


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