Discovery Meeting

Find where you are. Decide where you want to go.

Figuring out where you are right now is the very first step in mapping your financial future. We’ll help you assess your current life situation and help define your goals through understanding your values, relationships and dreams. Once we plot your current location and your desired destination, we can craft a meaningful path for your specific wealth management strategies.


AW Mapping

Investment Plan Meeting

Chart the right path for you.

The second time we meet, we’ll address every detail of your comprehensive and custom investment plan. You’ll receive a detailed, custom Wealth Management Plan and your specific map, the Investment Policy Statement, to help you accomplish your financial goals and chart your progress.


Mutual Commitment Meeting

Hire your guide and confirm your unique investment plan.

We’ll meet a third time to clarify any questions you have, ensuring we can move together toward your goals. We’ll complete the official paperwork to formalize the relationship and get ready to walk down your path together.

Follow Up Meetings

Evaluate the path we’re on and get organized for the road ahead.

During our in-person follow-up, we will ensure your goals are still aligned with your Investment Policy Statement map. We address any new changes in your life and, if necessary, adjust your wealth management plan accordingly. We can call on a broad network of specialists – tax planners, attorneys and more – to help ensure you are receiving accurate and comprehensive advice to keep you on the right path with clarity and confidence.

AW Guiding
Chart your financial journey with the help of a professional guide.