Feb 23

Making Social Security Work for You in Retirement

People trying to get your attention tend to walk a well-worn path when addressing Social Security. They will often tie together two topics that make a lot of us nervous: retirement and money. Thinking about running out or not having enough money...

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Sep 26

Social Security and Spousal Benefits

All hands on deck! This was the call aboard a ship to get everyone to their stations to make sure the vessel made it through choppy water. Everyone would come from their naps or card games or meals and get to work, knowing that the only way...

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Sep 11

Making Sense of Social Security Disability Benefits

The statistics are nothing short of alarming: studies show that a twenty-year-old worker has a one in four chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age. Most of us think of disability as something that happens to the “other...

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Aug 28

The Times They are A-Changin’ (Incrementally) – Social Security Now

Most people in the neighborhood of retirement age will remember the classic by Bob Dylan, The Times They are A-Changin’. He wrote this song in a time of cultural revolution and political unrest, as a symbol of a world that would never be the...

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Aug 15

Social Security and Retirement Income – Navigating the New Rules

When you enter a new phase of life, people love to offer you advice on the first thing to do when you get there.

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Aug 01

Social Security – Recent Changes in 3-D

3-D printing has revolutionized production, problem-solving, and manufacturing. The creation of 3-D items, once only the right and privilege of factory owners and designers, is now available to the rest of us. When printing in 3-D, you can see...

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