Jun 27

Evolution of Financial Research: The Profitability Premium

Since the 1950s, there have been numerous breakthroughs in the field of financial economics that have benefited both society and investors.

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Feb 28
Feb 21

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: Mastering Behavior Biases

In our last installment, we talked about how one of the most difficult factors of evidence-based investing is overcoming our own human intuition. Intuition-based investing might lead to short-term success, but it’s not going to last.

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Feb 14

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: Should You Listen to Your Gut?

One of the hardest parts of making predictions is accounting for the human element. Like it or not, we’re an unpredictable bunch. You can never really know what people are going to do.

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Jan 31

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: New Factors for an Evidence-Based Portfolio

Today’s post is a continuation of this post. It might be helpful for you to read that post first and then pop back over here to continue the discussion about evidenced-based portfolios.

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Jan 24

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights: The Essential Factors in Evidence-Based Portfolio

Today’s look at your wealth journey investment insights is going to require quite a bit of focus to make it through to the end. We think you’ll find the information valuable for your own personal investment strategy.

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Dec 06

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights – Diversifying for a Smoother Ride

Have you ever ridden in a car with bad suspension? You know the feeling, where every bump feels like a meteor strike right next to the wheel. It’s not fun. You get bounced around, maybe hit your head and forget what just happened. When you wake...

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Nov 11

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights – How Does the Market Work?

You already know investing is an important part of your financial journey. But, for the uninitiated, a question always crops up.

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Oct 25

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights – The Full-Meal Deal of Diversification

If you read our previous piece, Unicorns and Gurus, you learned that there’s virtually no way for you to get to the market quicker than the news you hear from various media sources. If that made you feel a little helpless, not to worry. That...

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Oct 18

Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights – Managing the Market’s Risky Business

Risk. It’s not just a board game in which you occupy strangely named provinces. Unless you’re a complete novice, and if you are --Welcome! --, you know that all investing carries risk. The trick is to avoid it the best you can. Diversification,...

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