May 08

Tuning Out the Noise

For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news about markets. Being bombarded with data and headlines presented as impactful to your financial well-being can evoke strong emotional responses from even the most...

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Feb 06

See The Current Market Decline in Context

If we’ve been doing our job as your fiduciary advisor, you might already be able to guess what our take is on current market news: Unless your personal goals have changed, stay the course according to your personal plan.

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Dec 20

After College: Your Adult Kids At Home

I remember begging my parents to take me to get my driver’s license when I turned 16. At my high school, pretty much everyone had their license by the time they graduated. It represented freedom for teenagers across the country.

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May 31

What Is Fiduciary Advice?

Anyone searching for investment advice is undoubtedly confronted with many choices of service providers operating under titles such as certified financial planner, financial consultant, registered investment advisor, stockbroker, and insurance...

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May 17

The Uncertainty Paradox

"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one." - Voltaire

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Aug 23

Finding your Financial Focus

Nobody has to be convinced that distracted driving is a bad idea. In 2014, 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers1. Most of the time, we think about people being distracted by phones or something they’re...

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Aug 10

Introducing: Your Wealth Journey Investment Insights to Becoming a Better Investor


Welcome to Your Wealth Journey’s Investment Insights Series!

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Jul 26

Three Elements You Need for a Successful Journey - Element 3

If you’ve ever set off into the wilderness, you know how freeing it can be to have someone there to lead you. A map and a plan are helpful, but nothing beats walking a path with someone who is familiar with the terrain.

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If you're planning on using the stock market as you navigate your life goals, you need to understand how the market works. Without a clear picture, it's easy to get swept up in the latest news or to let fear drive your decision-making. But with a deeper understanding of how the market works, you should be able to invest with confidence. In this resource, you'll learn:
• How to avoid buying high and selling low
• How to use market risk to your advantage
• What to do with a "unicorn"
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